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Tunnel Effect

•October 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

we love to ridicule
to scowl to grope to shun
look down upon
those we hold ill-conceived

we play the part
rumor malice vanity
walking on the heads
of those in our wake

we love to indulge
imbibe imbrue entomb
to lie around and snub
any old reject will do

pointing fingers
judging juries
feudal languishing
merrily, merrily along

those others, “the them”
hate, “masticate the them”
with vomitous loathsomeness
“kill kill kill the them”
“throw them to despair”

bringing in the sheaves…hallelujah
laughing crying
singing praise
rubbing our plump bellies
all a daze

we are demigods
longing to be God
that would require too much work

at last we lay down
masturbating fornicating
prostrating finally
sleeping dreaming
wanting more


in the shadow of light
before we catch our breath
we tumble hurling upended
into our own undoing

helpless as ducklings
our directionless search
“how dark are these window panes”
spit and spurt

with a sows ear and
an orangutan’s rump
we are endangered
as our illusive pattern
is thus revealed

how we long for those days
guile and mistrust
feasting and dancing
revelry and lust

our mouths ache
stomachs distended
flavescent stool
cataracts and limp noodles

Dionysus and Bacchus
“where have you gone”
Prometheus, Aphrodite
“where do we belong”

we are not gods
we are earth and dust
not gods in any form
hackneyed Spakenet forlorn

all the while in another place
we see people
dancing embracing
filling their plates

“what strange beings are these”
“oh, sir, come and see”
“oh, no—not dressed”
“the light, it burns”

amidst canyons and peaks
mint trees and salmon streams
lived a lively ensemble
all alike but not the same

humans aliens
patriots outcasts
hunter prey
orderly disarray

a land forgotten
tantalizing radiant
reds yellows blues
gentle free

“here we love”
“how strange to our ears”
“yes, ever so”

come weary traveler
have your rest
watch amazed
pickleworms the cucumber doth bless


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i’m falling down
sinking to the bottom

looking for my love

i’m goin’down
down to the bottom
down to the bottom

looking for my love

life is passing
can’t see
much of it
I can see
death’s door

looking for my love

what will matter
when it all
begins to shatter
finally touching
the ocean floor

looking for my love

my love
where are you
my love
where are you
won’t you please
come and take
my soul

looking for my love

right in front of you
oh, i’m standing
right in front of you
right in front of you
…just now


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my poetry is fake

i do not feel my muses
i have only had two
and God knows
what i wrote then

i cannot see the trees
screaming or praying

i feel nothing

i am a charade

i have tried to pretend
just how spiritual
i am

but i am nothing

i am useless

Why Not?

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Need it back
want it back
it turns me black
i must repeat
need it back
want it back
it turns me black
i must repeat
how fleet
that was a change
and over
again and again
why not go away
your driving me mad
need it back
want it back
it turns me black
i must repeat
retreat repeat
over and over
again and what
go away
i didn’t do it
why not
i must repeat
it turns me black
need it back
why not come back
can’t undo
need to undo
want to undo
i must repeat
this is not a training exercise
let it be
need it back
i just need it back
i want it back
let me do it over
let me do it over
i can’t
it’s driving me
need it back
stop stop
it doesn’t exist
it doesn’t exist
can’t go back
go back
it hurts
need it back
why not
why not back
oh, this is unacceptable
chopped up with
a Pulaski
all this repetition
i need nicotine
give it to me
giv’it me
com’on give me
i need it back
want it back
it turns me black
that same simple moment
didn’t know nothin’
not nothin’
but there it was so far away
so far away
next door
next to
right beside me
this lens is different
i can go back now
can’t i
why not


i need nicotine
while the bastard brain
farts about on Dante
and all the things
we didn’t know
rat-a-tat-tat rat-a-tat-tat
the blastie
it taunts us with its pliskies
for it knows
we are less fortunate
without secret revelations
and an ounce of perspective
how little we knew
a whole world surreptitiously
trapped in another dimension
that domed cap of mine
what would we have done
if we could change
what has gone before
what did we miss
as we groped our way
the mist


oh, damn
not again
i need
i know
i know
stop screaming
stop repeating
it turns me black
just let It be
let it go
you’re straggling me
choking me
i can’t breathe
let it go
just stop the rat-a-tat…repeat
don’t care why
wasn’t me
it was my other self
i just need it back
i just need to turn black


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madness cradles the
uncuckold mind

rabid incest
wraps the loins

flock like rats
to the garabage
of an empty vessel

The Story of Balat

•May 10, 2009 • 1 Comment

Siddhartha taught me to seek my own path

Denderah taught me to read the heavens

The Niruttaratantra taught me to unblock my chakras

Lao Tzu taught me to empty myself

Muhammad taught me to respect my belief

Elijah taught me to pray and to believe

Abraham taught me faith and remembrance

Noah taught me to trust in God

Black Elk taught me the sacred spirit is all creatures

Mahavira taught me to cause no harm

John taught me to know and to see

Dōgen taught me to meditate without anchor

David taught me to dance and to sing

Moses taught me to endure and to persevere

Paul taught me to be bold and unashamed

Jesus taught me to live and die

El Elyon gave me peace and love.

Praise be to God

I travel on……